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N2 KITESURFING is an AIRUSH sponsored school.  Our students will learn on new top of the line 2013 AIRUSH Lithium kites.  AIRUSH uses the  newest kitesurfing technology and manufactures some of the  safest kites in the market.

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N2 KITESURFING  is partnered with a local shaper and if you are looking to getting a custom made kiteboard please contact us.  Twin tips, surf directionals, and race boards are available.

San Diego offers numerous kitesurfing beaches.  The first lessons will be taught at Mission Bay, which offers safe, flat water conditions.  For advanced and intermediate lessons, the spots vary according to the wind and to the skill of the rider.

If you're interested in learning to harness the wind and kitesurf or want to take your kitesurfing skills to the next level contact N2 KITESURFING.  We will happily arrange lessons and give you a run down on  the local San Diego kitesurfing scene and regulations.

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N2 KITESURFING was founded in 2012.  Our founder, Nicolas Leslie, is a firm believer of pursuing your passions.  This ideology inspired Nicolas to pursue what he was INTO, kitesurfing.  We are confident that once you take your first lesson you will also be INTO kitesurfing.